Boxing for Life

Boxing for Life poster
4:00 pm

June 4, 2016

Boxing for Life posterIn the wake of the unrest in Baltimore last year, images of our local youth appeared in a national spotlight with media accounts of rioting, looting and street violence. It was apparent that our children are in desperate need of positive ways to expel energy and time. In an effort to encourage and inspire our younger generations to get involved in positive activities, we have put together a free amateur boxing event to be held this Spring.

We hope this event will inspire our kids to find alternative ways for conflict resolution and to relieve pent-up frustration. The event will highlight boxing as one of the activities that kids can turn to for stress relief. The event, which will be held at the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center, will showcase local fighters, coaches and speakers who have turned to boxing as a way to change their lives.

We are seeking support to create a new event that can bring together a city that needs to continue healing. Please give your most generous gift to support our community, by visiting our GoFundMe page.

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