Boxing: My Escape

Sometimes it comes to me. It may only last a minute or two and then it’s gone as fast as it came to me. It’s clarity. It’s that feeling of stillness in my mind while my body is still moving. And for those moments, I have peace and everything else goes away. It’s just me, my gloves and the bag. It’s why I box. It’s what I strive for. The thumping of my gloves colliding with the bag drowns out all of the noise inside my head and calms the chaos around me and nothing else matters.

The truth is — I needed boxing. When I slipped my hands into my first pair of gloves, it just felt right. I found solace in the gym. It’s my place to forget about everywhere I’ve been and everything I’ve been through. Now I work as a personal trainer with the hopes that I can help others find clarity. I teach my clients how to reach their goals using techniques I have applied throughout my whole life. The consistency of practice and routine and building muscle memories can bring you peace.

In addition to relieving stress, my boxing workouts began toning my body —and I loved the results.

Boxing can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour and help build endurance for other athletic activities like running and high-intensity training. As muscle strength increases, the body begins to tone up and become defined.

A great boxing workout can be done in a group, with a friend or a trainer. I’m working each and every day to help others realize how amazing this fitness routine is and how it can change lives, because it surely changed mine.

2 thoughts on ““Boxing: My Escape”

  • Kristen

    Really inspiring article! I’m new to boxing, and it’s turning out to be even more complex, enriching, fun, and physically challenging than I ever imagined.

  • Brian Elzey Post author

    Kristen–That’s great that you’re trying something new! Stick with it! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. -BE

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